Amar Singh, Asst. Prof. at Graphic Era Hill University

Anmol is a talented young entrepreneur who has always aimed high. I am glad to have had a role in guiding him to a pedestal where he is comfortable enough to project his entire idea. He has excellent leadership qualities, and his ethics are practically unmatched. Apart from being extremely enthusiastic, he has a great command over his skills, knowledge, and theory. I wish him nothing but the best for his future models and hope he continues to help and educate people about the various dynamics of a business. His journey till this platform hasn’t been easy, but it’s his will do achieve things and to never give up that has helped him gather such a huge attention amongst the big boys of the market/industry. Accomplishing all this in his early stages, I can only see him on the pinnacle of the business world.

Published by AnmolGogia

"Write when drunk. Edit when sober. Marketing is the hangover." -Ashwin Sanghi The perfect quote for a Digital Marketer and a Growth hacker. I am a highly motivated student with a goal driven work ethic. I have a strong curiosity for Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. I have some amount of experience in business world working with real world Data and producing results, having interned this summer since this was my first year in college, this was my first Internship experience. I am a Google certified digital marketer and Eazl certified Growth Hacker also knowledge about blockchain, data analysis and automated analytics results. I hope to become a valued Growth Hacker in this field and Someday have my own successful running company. I have interest outside of work I love to read books and being healthy and fit is my way of living. At the end I aspire to be the happiest, the most successful and the best version of myself.