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Incorrect SEO Strategies: How to detect and Correct them?

In this article, I am going to tell you about incorrect SEO strategies how to detect and correct them.

First of all, let’s know a little bit about SEO. So Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is getting traffic to your website through “organic search” results on your website. In today’s era, every day millions of people use search engines to search for anything they desire to from tickets to popular restaurants and due to this SEO has now become a very complicated but important subject. You burn a lot of precious resources in SEO strategies but you don’t see results as per the resources used and due to this you feel all done was waste of your resources. But no all done was not waste you can correct everything by resolving these common mistakes done by businesses while optimizing SEO results.

Here are some of the mistakes:

  • Using the wrong Keywords: This is one of the most common mistakes that I have seen. Keywords is the first basic step that you should focus on cause they are the ultimate source that search engine algorithms look for you will think that it’s difficult to find the right keywords that will work for you but no it’s not that hard you just have to keep in my mind your target audience and then see what are they searching for on search engines. Example Search for “Buy attars now” and “Attars for sale” both keywords will have different things in the minds of the customers and On your part too. It’s your job what get to know what your customers want.

Solution to this mistake: 2018 is the era of tools and you can you use these tools to correct your mistake. Ubersuggest is a free tool developed by Neil Patel or you can use Ahrefs (paid) or you can use a tool developed by Google itself named as Keywords Planner to check which keywords suit you or what are possible keywords you can use to rank higher in search engine results. Use these tools to identify which keywords pop up in the search results and use them for your keyword research and make sure you don’t go for “long-tail” keywords instead go for quality keywords.

Also, you can keep an eye on LSI keyword to rank even higher on google these keywords are at the bottom of the search result.


  • Going for Quantity instead of Quality: The worst mistake that a website can make to get into google search results. Your content should not be very short as well as long that people leave your website. This will have a huge impact on your website visitors will start leaving your website and your website will have a high exit rate.

Solution to this mistake: Make a balance between the 2 cause very short and low-quality content is going to rank you low on the search results page as well as long and poor quality content ultimately you have to make a balance between the 2.

  • Slow page speed: This is ignored by many of us but it is one of the main reason that your SEO strategy is failing. Page load speed has a lot to do with your SEO results. If you have a slow website, then your website will have a high bounce and exit rate and Google takes your website speed into consideration while producing results. Every second matter when Google ranks your website.

Solution to this mistake: You need to check how much time your website takes to load and you might be thinking how you will do this luckily this is 2018 we got plenty of tools to check our website speed and one of my favorite tool is GTmetrix it’s a very simple tool that can be easily used. The faster your website loads the higher you rank on google.


  • Image optimization: Images play a vital role in today’s trends as they create a lot more engagement and attract more visitors to your website. But they can also create a much bigger problem cause search engines cannot see images they can only see text and how it’s related to your post. Those who post images in their posts should focus on image description and on image size. Image size can cause the website to load at longer periods and this will make your website rank lower on the search results page.

Solution to this mistake: You can use Image compression tools to compress image size without losing its quality. Tools such as JPEGmini will help you and they are free and easy to use or you can use the Website speed test tool both of these tools will help you a lot in image optimization.

  • Not using Analytics: If you’re not using analytics then you there’s no use of having an amazing SEO strategy cause how you will get to know about the results? How will you Improve? Or fix the exit rate that your page is having? These all things are only possible if you’re analyzing your website. They will help you in solving a problem that might exist.

Solution to this mistake: Integrate Any analytics software in your website and some of most popular is Google Analytics and Hotjar both are amazing in their own way provide results that will help you grow in this process analytics can only help you.



These were some common SEO mistakes that I have seen over the internet many of these tools are free others that are paid are worth it. These tools will help you in making your SEO strategy more effective and in ranking higher in search results. SEO is becoming more and more important day by day keep checking your results and analyzing them and working on them.Continue reading “Incorrect SEO Strategies: How to detect and Correct them?”

How to increase your data connection 4G Speed

Well from a long time I have been asked this question that how can we increase the speed of our mobile phone data?

Today through this post I am going to tell you how to increase the speed of your mobile data connection? Here I have listed a working method. So, Let’s know how to tweak any operator to make it much faster in terms of the internet.

Who doesn’t want the high internet speeds? Of course, we all want, Indians will always be at the top in availing high free internet facility. All telecom operators have already given its users free/cheap unlimited 4G data for 90 days.

After Jio came it had completely changed the telecom market, Jio is offering the plans that no one even imagined! However, if you are Reliance Jio holder then you might be facing some problems related to its free service. You may notice call drops, slow internet speed etc.

Hacking your Speed

I have seen the latest reports from Ookla that clearly shows that Reliance Jio internet speed is down significantly compared to how it was earlier. However, do you know you can increase any telecom 4g speed with some methods? You just need to follow few steps and you will get the speed.

Let’s know how to tweak to make it much faster and fix speed problem. I am not going to share any tough method. Therefore, let’s proceed.

Step 1. First of all, open settings on your Android smartphone.

Step 2. Now you need to head over “Mobile Networks”

Step 3. Now you need to turn your Network Mode Jio into “LTE” by default it will be auto connect to make sure you changed it to “LTE” and restart your Phone.

Step 4. Now you need to download and install “Opera Free VPN” from Google Play store.

Step 5. After installing, you will see the screen like below. Now you need to tap on “Connect” and wait for some time.

Step 6. Once connected, you can change your region. For me “Singapore” works best, To change the region simply tap on “Change Region”

Step 7. Now you will get the list to choose a region, you can try selecting each of them and check your speed.

You need to find out the best region from Opera VPN in order to get good speed. There are many other VPNs available on Google Play store but for me, Opera free VPN works the best.

2)  Using ADM To Boost the download Speed of Reliance Jio

Well, you might have used IDM (Internet download manager) on your computer! IDM drastically increased the download speed. So, ADM is just the IDM for the mobile version. It increases speed by splitting large files into small pieces.

So, if you want to download some files like video, music or anything else on your Android then download and install ADM on your device. ADM also has an inbuilt browser which loads web URLs. Simply copy and paste the download link on ADM and enjoy the maximum speed of Reliance Jio.



So, this is how you can Increase your Reliance Jio internet speed in your Android smartphone. This method might be known to many but there are new customers joining Reliance Jio, this method will surely help you. Hope you like the article! Share it with your friends too.



Bitcoin Is Now the Least Volatile Since Late 2016

Just as traditional financial markets are getting interesting, the 30-day volatility of the most valuable cryptocurrency has plunged to the lowest since December 2016, months before its head-spinning bull run even began in mid-2017. There haven’t been many regulatory breakthroughs to buoy prices or scandals to drag them down, but the silver lining for believers is that this may also point to less speculative trading. For those keen to see whether steadier prices will spur greater Bitcoin usage, a period of low volatility may provide the answer.

IMO bitcoin is in a bubble and we know that soon the bubble is going to burst and the prices of the currency would rise. Since it’s 10 years now that bitcoin has come into the market and we have seen how voluntary the market of digital currencies are now the prices are the lowest you should go and check out it once and buy some amount of it. I am 100% sure that Bitcoin prices soon hit all-time new high and this good news for investors as well as traders and as per the research I found that soon the cryptocurrency market will be more than $200 billion.

What Do you think about this? Share your views with me in the comments section!

NOTE: – All these above views are based on facts and my personal opinions.


How Blockchain Application in India can empower its citizens

The blockchain is a disruptive technology. Over the past few years, it has gained a lot of traction and many countries, governments and organizations have started experimenting with the technology and have started to opt-in, for example, UAE has partnered with IBM and is working on the technology to revolutionize its government’s processes and citizen services.

This technology was opted by Dubai in February 2016. Dubai has the vision to create paperless by 2021.

Now if we do the same in India. We should go for it!

IMO if we apply blockchain in our country it will be really good too, for our economy as well as for the citizens. Blockchain technology can help us in various ways. The use of this technology can change the entire working of the nation it can help in preventing pollution too cause if we go paperless then there would be less cutting of the trees. Blockchain should be opted by our government too cause our country needs a system like.

If we the past of our country we have seen some serious scams that have made a negative impact on our economy.

We should learn from them and what I believe the ultimate solution to this is blockchain technology not only it will reduce frauds in the country but make our country more advanced and secured.

The Ecosystem of Blockchain definedWe are a developing nation and the technology can be used in numerous ways!

What are your views on this share your views with me in the comments section?


On Blockchain, India must tread cautiously

Blockchains are also vulnerable to network attacks as they were not originally designed for network protocols, and there are challenges of insertion of malware files and objectionable content as Blockchain services continue to grow.

India is Country where Blockchain has been a Buzz and many potential uses of the technology could be found. As the growing support from the central and state governments for it, many states are planning to use the technology for several purposes like the land registry, educational certificates, and vehicle records.

NITI Aayog has tied up with Oracle, Apollo Hospitals and Strides Pharma Sciences for a pilot on supply chain management of drugs.

The Indian government, however, has declared a specific spin-off of the technology — cryptocurrencies — illegal. This is because for a corruption-riven country such as India, cryptocurrencies may lead to black marketeering and tax evasion, no matter how much digitized the transactions are.

IMO Blockchain technology should be adopted by the Government but they should give time.

Big Companies like BMW are planning to adopt the technology so they are working with experts like IBM.

In India, if we want to use Blockchain we need to educate the users and re-innovate the technology that it’s major drawbacks such as the cost of the transaction, power requirement, immutability and deletion of unwanted content. These should be taken into consideration and worked on before making the practical use of the technology in the county.

They should give time for adaption of the technology as it is currently in the developing stage.

Also, if the government wants to apply they should do it slowly, we should learn from our past experiences so do the government. If we see the case of demonetization, it was done for the benefit but due to rushing, it has negatively affected our economy so this time they should not do something like this. Take things slow and let the country’s economy grow and make full use of the technology.

India needs to examine all the aspects of the technology before practical application.

Note: – All Views expressed are personal.

Source: – Heading from Hindustan Times

Will Crypto Die in Future?

It’s less than a decade and Cryptocurrencies are Buzzing. They have made a huge impact on us as well as the economy of the world. For some crypto has been a life changing experience and for some, it has not been good.

Will Crypto Die in Future?
Image source: – bitcoinist.com

I have been asked this question many times that “Is there a future in the crypto market”, “Will Bitcoin Die” etc. So, after receiving so many questions on the topic I thought to share my views on the topic.

The technology that supports the cryptosystem is now been used by many companies for different purposes and this technology soon will be adopted by the government, of course, not like this some changes would be made and there would be some challenges that they would face.

Companies like IBM are working on that.

If we look into today’s scenario bitcoin and many of the other cryptocurrencies are very down. This is because the crypto market is volatile.

Market’s are volatile because crypto and bitcoin both are in their developing stage, due to this it becomes very difficult to predict the market but still, many brands use it as a mode of payment the accept it.

IMO Cryptocurrency will not die in future. The technology that supports it and crypto itself requires a bit of re-shaping. Currently Crypto market is very down but what I believe is soon it will grow and reach an all-time new high. If you want to invest in crypto then you should invest in it but for a long time, If you are looking for short-term profits then the crypto market is not for you. Invest now and earn in future that’s what I believe. The technology that supports it has now created a buzz in the market and many big tech companies are looking forward to use this technology for their businesses. Crypto and Blockchain are the future.

NOTE: – All these above views are based on facts and my personal opinions.

Source: – The Question was recently asked on my Instagram.

How to Play Music with Lyrics in Android automatically

Music is what makes us feel alive and without it, many of us can’t even live our life joyfully. Each one of you likes music and it’s a universal fact.

Many of us sing while listening to songs on our devices but we cannot understand some of the words so for that we search Google and check out the lyrics.

We all have an eager want that our music players should display the song lyrics so that we can clearly understand every spoken word and sing along the artist.

This feature is needed but our stock players don’t provide you with this, however, you can use the third-party music player to fulfill this wish.

In this article, I am going to discuss the best third-party apps to play music with lyrics.

New music troubling you?

If yes, no need to search on Google you just need to download Musixmatch app from play store. This is the best app on play store it syncs each word at the perfect timing and helps you to memorize the song quickly.

How to Play Music with Lyrics in Android automatically

Follow these steps to enable the feature: –

  1. Download the application from play store search for Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music
  2. Now open the application and you will see the option to Enable lyrics feature, Click on “Enable Now”
  3. After the above step, you will be asked to allow “Notification access” permit it.
  4. Now you will be asked to permit permission to access the music
  5. Congrats your app has been set up now click on the song that you like and enjoy it with lyrics

Musixmatch also provides you with some amazing extra features that you will not get on any other app on play store.

The app supports Android wear and TV support, Automated fetching your song with details and cover art, create and share awesome Lyrics quote with the LyricsCard app and it has built-in features like Equalizer, sleep timer etc.

If you don’t like the Musixmatch app then there is an alternative to it out there in the market named as QuickLyric

How to Play Music with Lyrics in Android automatically

It is one of the best alternatives to Musixmatch as per me it can help you with lyrics of the song that you’re currently playing.

The thing that amazes me about this app is that with one tap you can see lyrics on your screen also this app doesn’t house messy stuff like floating window, third-party media player etc.

You can get more alternative out there on the web but these are the best of all and am sure will stand upon your expectations.

These apps will make your work easy and you can try them on songs in different languages and maybe these apps will you make you a good singer and fulfill your wishes.

Hope my article has helped you in some way and share the knowledge that you have gained with others.

You can contact me if you face any issues regarding the article or other topics that I cover.

Thank you!

How KYC is using Blockchain

KYC with banks has been a bad experience for many customers including problems like long delays, a lot of paperwork and lack of transparency in the system over their personal data.

We live in a world where government-issued identities define the identities in developed financial services and are controlled by acceptance of those entities or individuals like CRM, KYC, utilities etc.

In 2004 The Reserve Bank of India, like the rest of the world followed the lead and rolled out the need to “know your customer” and the same was followed by SEBI in 2012.

As the world is becoming virtually boundary-free, cross-border banking transactions have grown a lot. So there is a need to ensure adequate security measure is in place.

So KYC was developed and bring in use.

The need for KYC is to restrict anonymous accounts into the banking system, Customer Identification, Monitoring banking activities and risk management.

When the system came into existence at first it was working fine but after sometime when the size of the population increased and more KYC have to be done there are some disadvantages of the system like Every bank has their own specifications they adhere to and Due to lack of standardization, complying to each request in a customized wat consumes a lot of time.

So to eliminate the disadvantages and make a faster system IBM has a blockchain model for KYC.

How does the Blockchain model work

As we know that Blockchain is an immutable public ledger shared in the public domain. Every participant interacts with the blockchain using a public-private cryptographic key combination.

KYC in Blockchain
Source Medium.com

In its essence, since it is devoid of any single central authority, banks are taking a keen interest in its applications to solving the hassles created by the present use of the KYC process.

For KYC operations, banks can use an either a private or a public blockchain. In a private one, the bank uses it for its internal audit and regulatory compliance. In a public one, where it shares data and control with other institutions.

The Working

The first step is when a customer enters the Blockchain system, the bank(trusted party) verifies the documents. After that, once the verification has been done, banks uploads the customer data into the blockchain. Now, whenever or wherever any new data is needed to be added, the ledger could enable encrypted updates to the ledger. Digital identity can then be used as a trusted sign for future transactions.

The benefits of using a Blockchain system for KYC will be

  • Improves data quality and fewer chances of committing fraud.
  • Faster processing
  • Manual error while performing the KYC initiation can be avoided.
  • The authenticity of data depends on the Banks and to ensure data is valid is to be taken care of by them.

IBM has been working with banks around the world and has partnered with some big companies like HSBC, Deutsche Bank, and Mitsubishi UFG. In fact, in January 2018, IBM announced the successful completion of the “Proof-of-Concept Blockchain-based Shared KYC” in collaboration with leading financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank and HSBC. The implications of this technology for the financial industry are enormous, as is clear from the IBM announcement.

As per IBM BLOG:

The enhanced customer experience and cost savings offered by blockchain for KYC are significant. However, as the announcement also makes clear, the transparency of blockchain technology also empowers governance, risk, and compliance across an organization:

“The governance of the shared KYC network will include regular certification of contributing banks to assess their compliance with the harmonized standards and provide transparency and confidence to the wider group of participating banks.”

Indian Insurers are joining hands with companies like cognizant for data sharing through Blockchain.

Indian Insurance companies are taking help of cognizant to build a platform using the Blockchain Technology. This is to assist the Insurers to collect customer and policy information for various KYC related due diligence activities.

I believe that blockchain is a game-changing technology for businesses. We will see the full potential of the technology in upcoming years. Firms like IBM are working to deliver cost savings, increased speed and reduced risk of blockchain for KYC within real-world business environments. 

If you have any Query related to the topic add it in the comments section or you can contact me.

Sources: –


And article

KYC using blockchain

by Anupama Jinde on Medium.com

View at Medium.com

The Ecosystem of Blockchain defined

You all must be thinking of this buzzword Blockchain what the hell it is?

I have already written a post on this so I am not going to explain it here. You can read about what is blockchain from here.

The Ecosystem of Blockchain defined

In this article, I will discuss the Ecosystem of blockchain which is a bit tough to understand.

The ecosystem here refers to the interaction and the persons by whom it’s done and the system out of the world. I am going to tell you about 4 people that matter in Blockchain

  1. Users
  2. Miners
  3. Investors
  4. Developers

Understanding the working of these all in blockchain will not only give you a bigger picture of how a blockchain works and will also allow you to better understand it’s growth potential. So let’s discuss them.


That’s you, dude!

Right, that’s your users are the applicants of blockchain who use them for a purpose such as buying cryptocurrency and selling it later (investment). If users exist, a cryptocurrency must have some utility. And these utilities are:

  • Bitcoin: – I am sure that many of you know about bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency and it is also known as Digital Gold. Bitcoin only provides us with one utility which is payment for goods and services. If we see the current stats around 100000 lakh merchants accept bitcoins in exchange for their goods and services.


In fact, several household brands and major e-commerce players including PayPal, Expedia, Microsoft, Subway, Bloomberg, Reddit, Dell, Steam, Whole Foods, Shopify and Webjet have all added their names to the ever-growing list of Bitcoin merchants.

This list will inevitably continue to grow over the next decade and it is entirely possible that Bitcoin will be as widely accepted as Visa, AMEX or Mastercard at some point in the not so far future. The advantages of making payments through bitcoins in comparison to traditional currencies are: –

  • Very low transaction fees
  • No-third party interruption
  • Faster than any other payment system
  • Secured

Benefits to merchants

  • No chargebacks
  • Additional customer base

IMHO Bitcoin is a great for long-term investment as it improves price stability in the economy and gives investors hard data to base their price estimates.


  • Ethereum: – I have seen many people thinking that Ethereum Blockchain and Bitcoin Blockchain is the same but its completely wrong! Ethereum is a lot different due to its ability to embed smart contracts into the blockchain and due to this it provides us with 2 utilities: –
  1. Currency Utility: – This was not the main motive of the cryptocurrency but still people are able to use Ethereum to pay for Goods and services. There are many companies out there (Token Card, Monaco etc.) who are trying to capture market share with their cryptocurrency debit cards and online payment platforms like Coinify are offering plug and play solutions for online merchants to accept cryptocurrency like Ether as payment. Currently, Bitcoin is the king of all cryptocurrencies but in upcoming years other currencies will compete with it.
  2. General Utility: – The sole motive of this cryptocurrency is this. It refers to the user interaction with decentralized applications built on the Ethereum Blockchain. There are many decentralized applications out there. Gnosis and Stox have both released alpha versions of their prediction market decentralized Apps (read: betting platforms) where users can bet on the outcome of any event. Numerai, a unique kind of hedge fund gives data scientists around the world access to encrypted market data, then incentivizes them to outperform the current trading algorithm and improve the overall performance of the hedge fund. It’s just the beginning of a new era every day new decentralized apps are being released. A list of all apps can be found here.



  • Ripple: – The 3rd biggest Blockchain by market cap is Ripple. It differs a lot from both the stated above it was designed with a goal in mind and for a purpose to supply financial institutions with secure, instant and low-cost global transaction of any size. Ripple has already announced partnerships with some of the world’s largest financial institutions such as Standard Chartered and UniCredit and the market has rewarded it with the number three spot on the blockchain market cap list.



The blockchain is a very large network and to fully maintain its integrity it’s network of independent nodes around the world comply to maintain it. There are 2 Types

  • Private Blockchains: – A Central Organization owns every single node on the network.
  • Public blockchains: – Anyone can set-up their computer to act as a node and the owners of these computers are known as miners.

These miners are rewarded with some incentives for mining the coins of the specific blockchain and to maintain the integrity of the Blockchain.

As per the Blockchainblog, com  Different blockchains utilize different mining systems however most of them contain some form of:

  • An incentive system – most commonly a combination of microtransaction fees and block solution rewards (Bitcoin miners receive 12.5 BTC for solving a single Bitcoin block. This is programmed to gradually decrease over time).
  • A consensus algorithm – All blockchains need a way of validating blocks that are broadcast to the network. The Bitcoin blockchain uses Proof of Work (PoW). You will learn more about how PoW works in the next post. Ethereum also uses PoW but is scheduled to change to Proof of Stake (PoS) next year (the Ethereum blockchain contains a ticking timebomb intentionally placed in the code to force the change to PoS at some point).

Miners have a lot of power on the network. Mining a single block is extremely difficult and a single computer can take a year to mine so miners have formed communities called mining pools to mine together and share reward together.


The majority of stakeholders in a blockchain are investors. The result, cryptocurrency markets are highly risky and price swings +/- 30% or more in a single day are not uncommon and the other reason that it’s risky because it is very difficult to assess the true value of a cryptocurrency or a decentralized application. The technology is still young and growing. The technology lacks users due to limited utility makes it difficult to predict how the technology will be used when people in bulk will start adopting it.

Despite all the factors still investing in the technology, the current market conditions actually make for an attractive investment opportunity:

  • The blockchain technology will continue to grow at a fast rate over the next decade.
  • The barrier to entry in the market is still high enough that the majority of people don’t enter.
  • Although blockchain has experienced incredible growth in both 2016 and 2017, the total market cap of all public blockchains is still relatively small at ~US$150B. To put that into perspective, at the time of writing (at a total market cap of US$150B), the entire blockchain industry would only be the 50th largest company in the world, right behind Unilever, a consumer goods company from the Netherlands. This article from Howmuch.net compares the total market cap of cryptocurrency to other types of assets and really puts things into perspective.

Investment on Blockchain

IMHO all blockchain are different and in next couple of years we will see plenty of startups crash and burn, dragging their investors hard earned money with them. We will see scam companies whose only goal is to siphon money from foolish investors. We will see serious competition from well-established corporations out to develop their own blockchain applications. Nothing in life is free and there are no silver bullets in this game. Picking winners and loser is not a simple task and if you want to invest your money in the blockchain, you’re going to have to accept a high level of risk.

Now I leave you with 2 thoughts

  • Plenty of companies will grow at a very high rate so don’t put all your money in one company. This will reduce the risk of losing all your money but also risk losing out on investing in the companies that do end up dominating the industry.
  • Also, before investing in any company actively research it for at least a week.


Blockchain has a lot more potential to become a lot more than cryptocurrencies. There are 2 types of developers in Blockchain are: –

  • Blockchain Developers
  • dApps developers

Blockchain developers are those persons who develop brand new blockchains with varying levels of functionality.

dApps developers are those persons who build decentralized applications that can run on Blockchains, thus providing users with a reason to use the blockchain i.e. utility.

After Ethereum introduced smart contracts it has opened the door to a world of dApps to create the next big thing.

To take full advantages of the technology keep yourself updated with the industry in both Blockchain and dApp development.


The ecosystem of Blockchain is very complex and vibrant.

Understanding it will allow you to make a better decision and take full advantage of emerging technology.

If you want to add something add it through the comments section and a Question for you ( Do you think that we will ever see governments adding cryptocurrency to their reserves?

Answer in the comments section also would love to have a discussion on the topic. Feel free to connect with me.

Thanks for reading the post like and share your knowledge with your friends too.

NOTE: – This article is an example of content curation all the content was taken from websites that are mentioned in the article.

Sources: –

Google search, Blockchain.com, IBM Blog, Blockgeek.com and myblockchainblog.com


How to charge your Android smartphone faster

Well, we all start our day with our phones, and by using all day and night our mobile phone’s battery gets drained at a high rate. So, we always look for ways to charge our mobile phones faster and in this post, I have come up with the most effective ways to charge your android smartphone battery faster.

So have a look at these ways to reduce your mobile charging time: –

How to charge your Android smartphone battery faster

  • Airplane mode: – The first and the most powerful way to charge your mobile phone faster is turning on airplane mode. In this mode all the network activities are stopped so your battery consumption will go down and eventually phone will charge at a faster rate


  • Using the right Plug and Charger: – Maximum android phones have a charger that looks same but the power supply differs. Some may charge their phone with laptops but that a bad idea if you want to charge quickly use a USB 2.0 port chucks out of a 2.5 watts of power, while USB 3 delivers 4.5 watts. Many new Android phones have fast charging support and charge much quickly they use a 15-watt charger but it’s not necessary that they will charge your mobile phone faster so it’s better to use your original mobile charger with original data cable. Also, I don’t recommend wireless charging if you’re in a hurry then don’t use them cause energy loss is too much and this causes charging speed to be slow.


  • Turn off your smartphone: – Completely turning off your smartphone will charge your mobile even faster. You may miss some notification but it will charge faster that anytime.


  • Turn off mobile data, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth: – If you turn off all these while charging your mobile phone your phone will charge much faster.


  • Don’t touch your phone while charging: – It’s a bad idea to use your mobile phone while charging because it heats up your phone and puts a pressure on battery. So don’t use it while charging.


  • Stay cool: – Your mobile phone cover is good for keeping your phone protected but they are harmful while charging. Heat is tough on your smartphone to find a cool place to charge it.


  • Use battery saving mode: – Ever since Android Lollipop was launched smartphones started coming up with the feature of battery saving mode. Turn it on.


  • Buy a portable charger: – Having a portable charger is a good idea cause they are cheap and as well as saves your smartphone from fully discharging. Also, they are small, lightweight and are available easily in the market in many shapes and designs.


  • The last tip is never fully discharged your smartphone the studies show that if you do this it will shorten your mobile phone’s battery life. It’s best to charge your phone when it reaches the 50% mark and removes the charger when it reaches 95% mark. To experience a better battery life.

So, these were the best-proven ways to charge your smartphone faster and have an improved battery life on your phone. Hope this helps you in some way, do share these tips with others too.

Did you try any of these suggestions? What do you do to make your phone charge faster? Let me know in the comments.

The best Mod of WhatsApp in Market

WhatsApp has now become a part of our life and the more we use the more we get addicted to it. It’s the most popular platform used to exchange messages, not only messages but emotions.

We spent countless number of hours on WhatsApp daily and it has already got some awesome features

But it has some restrictions with the features of WhatsApp.

If Want extraordinary features on your WhatsApp and that too be safe for you to use, then download GB WhatsApp.

The best Mod of WhatsApp in Market

So, what is GB WhatsApp?

It is the modded version of WhatsApp that is packed with lots of new features that you won’t get on the stock version of WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp stands out from the crowd and the best part is that it can be used along with the official WhatsApp android app.

It works for both rooted and non-rooted devices and besides all these things you won’t be dealing with the account banning issues, it’s safe for use.

GB WhatsApp has a lot of features I mean a lot and I have tried to list many of them: –

  • Delete or recall sent messages
  • Hide or view your status privacy
  • New Emoticons
  • Read deleted messages just enable anti-revoke
  • Hiding chats, saving status or story
  • Maximum video size shareable up to 50 MB
  • Removes 5 the limit of message sending to 5 people at a time.
  • Hide Bluetick, second tick and even typing status.
  • Copying text status to your clipboard
  • Broadcasting message to 600 contacts at a time.
  • 100+ language support
  • Translate messages into different languages
  • Changing themes, Font
  • Send 90 images at a time
  • Change icons
  • Picture quality remains the same

These were some features of GB WhatsApp there are more.

If you want to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp, you can download from here.

NOTE: You can request new features by posting a comment on the official site of GB WhatsApp and new features will be realized in the upcoming updates and you can report for bugs and other issues from there.

Now download and install GB WhatsApp on your smartphone and enjoy all the features of this modded version of WhatsApp.

If you have any question or doubt you can ask me through the comments section or you can contact me.