About Anmol

Anmol Gogia is an Entrepreneur, Marketer, Growth Hacker & Marketing Process Automation Enthusiast.

A just-graduated student who is self-motivated, filled with passion for his work, and has a goal-driven approach towards life. His journey as a professional started in 2016 with him working for his father’s business as a marketer. Since 2016 he has come a long way as he has done 7 internships in different roles for different businesses and also has a taste of running a self-funded business.

Anmol believes in coming up with original ideas and turning them into businesses or digital businesses that are both innovative and profitable. He continues to learn and believes in stepping out of his comfort zone and exploring the world.

He started his journey as a student, as an adolescent, he was bitten by the “digital bug” early and often. This forward-thinking, technology-minded student & entrepreneur mindset let him learn about various different things and this let him embarked on his first endeavor at just fourteen years old by curating products which he found as a need locally.

He is a highly motivated student with a goal-driven work ethic and has a strong curiosity for creating products/services to change the world for better. He has experience in the business world working with real-world data and producing results. A Google certified Digital Marketer and Eazl certified Growth Hacker.

Recently, as his graduation got over he has started working on his brand. He’s the Co-Founder & CEO at Crobstacle Media and the brand has been doing well you can visit his brand website by clicking on the button below : 👇

About The Site

Although this site was started in early 2018, our marketing roots go back to 2016. Anmol Gogia, learned Growth hacking, Digital Marketing because he got his first opportunity to help his father in his business. At the age of 16, he helped his father and created his first website and paid a few marketing firms to help him out, but they provided no results and took all of his fathers’ money not even a single product inquiry was generated by these firms.

He eventually started working as a Digital Marketer and got good as the years passed. Through this platform he shares all his experiences, research and help people with the problems in Digital Marketing. He also has a passion for Growth Hacking and on a personal note love to read books and being healthy and fit is his way of living also a dog lover and Royal Enfield enthusiast. In the end, he aspires to be the happiest, the most successful and the best version of himself.

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