Will Crypto Die in Future?

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It’s less than a decade and Cryptocurrencies are Buzzing. They have made a huge impact on us as well as the economy of the world. For some crypto has been a life changing experience and for some, it has not been good.

Will Crypto Die in Future?
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I have been asked this question many times that “Is there a future in the crypto market”, “Will Bitcoin Die” etc. So, after receiving so many questions on the topic I thought to share my views on the topic.

The technology that supports the cryptosystem is now been used by many companies for different purposes and this technology soon will be adopted by the government, of course, not like this some changes would be made and there would be some challenges that they would face.

Companies like IBM are working on that.

If we look into today’s scenario bitcoin and many of the other cryptocurrencies are very down. This is because the crypto market is volatile.

Market’s are volatile because crypto and bitcoin both are in their developing stage, due to this it becomes very difficult to predict the market but still, many brands use it as a mode of payment the accept it.

IMO Cryptocurrency will not die in future. The technology that supports it and crypto itself requires a bit of re-shaping. Currently Crypto market is very down but what I believe is soon it will grow and reach an all-time new high. If you want to invest in crypto then you should invest in it but for a long time, If you are looking for short-term profits then the crypto market is not for you. Invest now and earn in future that’s what I believe. The technology that supports it has now created a buzz in the market and many big tech companies are looking forward to use this technology for their businesses. Crypto and Blockchain are the future.

NOTE: – All these above views are based on facts and my personal opinions.

Source: – The Question was recently asked on my Instagram.

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