Robots can be in bad influence too. Have a look at this.

Every parent thinks that smartphones can have a bad influence on their children but they are likely to be affected more by a peer pressure from robots too.

As day by day companies are making more use of AI and robots and these become integrated into social media spaces, we all need to be careful about the Influence they make on young ones.

Robots can be in a bad influence too
Children ages 7 to 9 were more likely to give the same responses as the robots, even if they were obviously incorrect. University of Plymouth

The above study was published in the journal Science Robotics by researchers from the UK and Germany.

Robots and AI can use social media to change our behavior.

Children’s can be easily influenced by robots even when they are wrong. Children respond strongly to bots, especially when they are small and cute. It can be good as well as bad too. The results from the study showed that adults did not feel the need to follow the examples of bots but children were likely to follow. Children followed the robots even when the bots were giving wrong answers.

“Every time, we saw that children are receptive to robots,” says Belpaeme.

“It’s a bit sinister, isn’t it? Children succumb to peer pressure from robots,” said robotics professor Tony Belpaeme, who helped lead the study team.

“We were kind of expecting to find something, mainly because we have been working with children and robots for a long time.”

The team set up a visual experiment such as deciding the two-line match out of a batch, they used adults as well as children aged 7 to 9 and of course robots.

“We thought, wouldn’t it be great to try that again with robots and see if adults succumb to peer pressure by robots and if children do, too,” Belpaeme said.

“The adults don’t. They can resist. But the children do.”

During this experiment when children were alone, their 87% of the answers were correct but when the same questions were asked with robots their scores fell down to 75% and their wrong answers matched to robot’s answers.

Robots can be in a bad influence too
The experimental setup using the Asch paradigm with children and a group of robots.Tony Belpaeme / Ghent University

“It’s a bit of a warning,” Belpaeme said.

“Robots are going to be this new channel,” he added. “They are going to be like social characters in your house. They could use that to convince you to make purchases that you probably don’t need or do things that you probably wouldn’t.”

The children gave wrong answers because they find robots small and cute also they have large eyes and are programmed to respond in a way that looks positive when anyone enters the room.

“Children readily suspend disbelief,” Belpaeme added. “If a child is playing, a doll isn’t just a doll. It comes alive when they are playing. It is the same thing with robots. They don’t see a robot just as plastic and electronics. They see a robot as a character.”

In the case of adults, they don’t go with the wrong answers given by robots because they are more immune and adults respond differently to robots.

“But we all know the problem that could occur when there’s money to be made,” Belpaeme said.

People already invite technology into their homes with voice-controlled smartphones and devices such as Amazon’s Echo, with its Alexa character and Google Home assistant.

These digital interfaces are dry, but robots are being made in increasingly sophisticated ways to interact with people, Belpaeme said. “We need to be careful,” he said.

The studies in the past have shown that we enjoy interacting with robots as having the same personality as us. Robots can predict human behavior as well as act as per them.

Although these things can affect our behaviors. We find harder to turn off a robot when they’re begging us not to.


This peer pressure can be good as well as bad. Good in a way that children are more likely to listen to robots so they can teach them good habits help them acquire a new skill but then we should not complain about privacy because robots tend to record every activity performed by us.

Source:- Google and

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