How to charge your Android smartphone faster

How to charge your Android smartphone battery faster

Well, we all start our day with our phones, and by using all day and night our mobile phone’s battery gets drained at a high rate. So, we always look for ways to charge our mobile phones faster and in this post, I have come up with the most effective ways to charge your android smartphone battery faster.

So have a look at these ways to reduce your mobile charging time: –

How to charge your Android smartphone battery faster

  • Airplane mode: – The first and the most powerful way to charge your mobile phone faster is turning on airplane mode. In this mode all the network activities are stopped so your battery consumption will go down and eventually phone will charge at a faster rate


  • Using the right Plug and Charger: – Maximum android phones have a charger that looks same but the power supply differs. Some may charge their phone with laptops but that a bad idea if you want to charge quickly use a USB 2.0 port chucks out of a 2.5 watts of power, while USB 3 delivers 4.5 watts. Many new Android phones have fast charging support and charge much quickly they use a 15-watt charger but it’s not necessary that they will charge your mobile phone faster so it’s better to use your original mobile charger with original data cable. Also, I don’t recommend wireless charging if you’re in a hurry then don’t use them cause energy loss is too much and this causes charging speed to be slow.


  • Turn off your smartphone: – Completely turning off your smartphone will charge your mobile even faster. You may miss some notification but it will charge faster that anytime.


  • Turn off mobile data, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth: – If you turn off all these while charging your mobile phone your phone will charge much faster.


  • Don’t touch your phone while charging: – It’s a bad idea to use your mobile phone while charging because it heats up your phone and puts a pressure on battery. So don’t use it while charging.


  • Stay cool: – Your mobile phone cover is good for keeping your phone protected but they are harmful while charging. Heat is tough on your smartphone to find a cool place to charge it.


  • Use battery saving mode: – Ever since Android Lollipop was launched smartphones started coming up with the feature of battery saving mode. Turn it on.


  • Buy a portable charger: – Having a portable charger is a good idea cause they are cheap and as well as saves your smartphone from fully discharging. Also, they are small, lightweight and are available easily in the market in many shapes and designs.


  • The last tip is never fully discharged your smartphone the studies show that if you do this it will shorten your mobile phone’s battery life. It’s best to charge your phone when it reaches the 50% mark and removes the charger when it reaches 95% mark. To experience a better battery life.

So, these were the best-proven ways to charge your smartphone faster and have an improved battery life on your phone. Hope this helps you in some way, do share these tips with others too.

Did you try any of these suggestions? What do you do to make your phone charge faster? Let me know in the comments.

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