How Jio GigaFiber, Amazon Video, Hotstar, and Netflix are re-creating Indian cable TV

Since the Advent of online video streaming services in India, these services have made us realize that now we don’t need a cable TV or Dish to watch content on our Televisions. These Online Video streaming platforms provide us with great content at cheaper rates plus it’s comfortable to use them. We can enjoy TV whenever wherever we want that’s why these online platforms are re-creating Indian cable TV.

How Jio GigaFiber, Amazon Video, Hotstar, and Netflix are re-creating Indian cable TV

As the days are passing by we see that the number of online streaming subscribers is increasing. India is the world’s second largest internet market as research from Media partners firm Asia shows that our countries current market is valued over $700 million and is expected to grow to $2.4 billion by 2023.

A couple of years ago Indian wasn’t cod cutters but after the launch of Jio, they have become one. Netflix in India was launched in January 2016, and a year later Amazon Prime video was launched. Then Hotstar came in Indian market had a tie-up with HBO and Disney and providing a lot more amazing content to users at cheap prices. Then Jio came into the market and things changed a lot it’s Jio cinema and Jio TV was a hit in the market.

These online providers are cheaper and better than cable TV except Netflix it’s a bit expensive cause their target market is iPhone users. But if we see others then Hotstar is priced minimum of Rs. 199 a Month while Amazon video has a membership of Rs. 500 a year that’s very cheap.

But these international tech giants are facing problems to set-up India they are applying different strategies to set-up in the Indian market

We all know that Netflix is planning to collaborate with Indian digital cable service providers to provide internet-enabled smart television-like services to non-smart TV users. Netflix made “Lust Stories” and a month after that “Scared Games” to compete in the Indian market with other providers.

Amazon launched its Fire TV stick which has Chromecast support. Amazon is launching its premier series “Comicstaan” an original amazon show made for India.

Hotstar is leading the pack as it has about 70% of on-demand streaming services.

Ditto is the cheapest of all you can watch TV at just Rs. 20 a month.

Now upcoming Jio GigaFiber it is not just about a TV service. Along with online streaming services Jio will provide with a broadband connection, Ultra HD entertainment on your screen. The JioGigaFiber will connect with your GigaTV set-top box and you can watch anything possible. Also, Jio will start producing its own original content like Netflix and Amazon.

Bharti Airtel one of the biggest telecom company in India has launched its DTH set-top box which has built-in Chromecast support also has the ability to run youtube and Netflix and install other apps. But it is priced at Rs. 4999.

This all was possible after our online experience became better by slashing the data rates. Day by Day our internet structure is improving so these online services too.

This is just a variation on what cable companies have done for television channels for decades. Streaming services originally came to offer an alternative for cable model but there are a lot more benefits of the online streaming model. With such focus on innovation and disruption over anything else, we’ve seen companies lose sight of the bigger picture, and they end up restoring it. So, it is possible after all to change and innovate the future of television?

It’s easy to find what you’re looking for in case of online streaming services. And you can do this on a variety of devices, depending on which is more comfortable for you.

If we look at all this, a question arises no whether we’re ready to cut the cord, but why you haven’t already.

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