Here’s the Apple next big bet for 2018

As we all know it’s a tradition in Apple to launch new iPhones every September. This year tech giant Apple is launching 3 new iPhones. The new generation iPhones stand out of the fashion and to present the screen to occupy most of the front display, but with the presence of the famous ‘Notch’.

Upcoming iPhones in 2018

With the launch of iPhone, X Apple took its first step to make the smartphone range more evolved, eliminating the huge frames that were present in the previous models.

This year it appears that the successor of iPhone X will be announced, as we have expected they will launch a Plus model of the iPhone X as well as a cheaper model named Lite.

iPhone X Plus

This model is expected to be called as iPhone X Plus. The name of the new phone is unknown until the confirmation arrives but it’s expected to be called as iPhone X Plus.

The Specification as per the leaked reports is there will be a new processor, General improvements, 6.5-inch OLED screen on a body that will be very near to iPhone 8 Plus. Not much changes in design but an upgrade in FaceID that makes it more secure and advanced.

The price is expected to be higher than the last launch of iPhone X. So Apple iPhone X plus will reach an all-time high.

iPhone X Lite

The concept is the same display with the famous ‘notch’ and is expected that the components will be from old iPhones. This iPhone is expected to be selling success of the entire range, will be a low-cost for iPhone X.

IMHO if Apple wants to achieve a lower price than the current model of iPhone X the screen will not be an OLED screen instead it will be a 6-1 inch LED display. Another parameter will be the camera; Lite model will only have one sensor so it will lose the 12MP telephoto lens.

Upcoming iPhones

In order to make it different from other models, Apple has placed the LED flash under the camera. The model will also have FaceID. As a Lite phone, it’s expected to have a color palette and will include 8 colors.

There are no extraordinary changes in the new iPhones but in order to continue the concept of iPhone X, they have to make some changes. What do you think about three models? Share your Views with me and if any Query you can contact me.

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