Google’s upcoming Android P things you should know

Android P

Google’s next version of Android OS is coming soon with the launch of its smartphone Pixel 3. Google gave a preview of its upcoming Android OS earlier this year.

Android P logo

Here are the things that you should know about Android P.

  • ‘Smart Replies’ like Gmail coming to messages

Since Google has unveiled a smart reply to Gmail inbox. Now Google is bringing the same to messages. This will help in saving time cause message responses will be automated using Machine learning algorithm.

  • Now you can see images in the notification bar

This version of Android gives users the power to see image attachments sent in messages through notification bar which was not possible until now.

  • Differentiation between single and group conversations.

Users will now be able to see which text message is in a group and which is a single message. This will bring more clarity to users.

  • Will support iPhone X like ‘Notch’ on the display.

Everyone in the market is following iPhone Google as well. The preview of Android P comes with ‘Display Cutout’ option.

  • iPhone like text zooming tool

Again they are copying iPhone feature that will give users a clearer look at what they are typing by giving a magnified look when the user swipes the cursor on the sentence.

  • Support the latest Wi-Fi protocol

The latest version android will support IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi Protocol which is also known as RRT (Wi-Fi__33 Round Trip Time).

  • iOS11 like image compression technology

Here they come again with iPhone like feature to save more space the device they are going to use HEIF (heic) image encoding which Apple has already opted.

  • Developers can make their apps support multiple cameras

The latest Android will have a dual-camera setup, which is already present in every mid-range smartphone.

  • Redesign settings with a vertical volume slider

With this version of Android, they have redesign settings page and it’s really eye-catching

Android P settings and Volume slider

These were some new features that Android P is coming up with also they are killing it’s one popular feature that is call recording due to privacy issues no call can be recorded in the latest version even 3 party apps won’t work.

This year Google has done a great job by expanding Android P beta program to non-pixel users and the first batch includes Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21 and OnePlus 6.

What are your Views on this? Share your views in the comment section.



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