Companies like Google, Apple, IBM don’t require employees to have a college degree

Companies like Google, Apple, IBM don’t require employees to have a college degree

Yes, this is true that these giants don’t require their employees to have a 4-year college degree.

Companies like Google, Apple, IBM don’t require employees to have a college degree

Recently the famous job search site Glassdoor listed 15 top employers that no longer want their applicants to have a college degree. Instead, these companies require candidates who have hands-on experience in the industry.

As one of the famous Entrepreneur, Patrick Bet-David warned that this could happen through his tweet earlier and as time passed it has become a reality. I still remember the video in which he asked the question. “Do you want to spend 4 years learning from people who never tried to practice what they teach, or learn from us (you) who have tried and failed multiple times before.” Changed my life.

Day by day our economy continues to grow and continues to be a friendly place for job seekers today, and not just for the ultra-educated.

Here’s a list of companies and the positions they are offering.

  • Google: – They have positions for product manager, recruiter, software engineer, product marketing manager
  • Apple: –  Design verification engineer, engineering project manager and of course iPhone buyer.
  • Earnest & Young (EY): – Assurance services senior, risk advisor, experience management manager, tax services senior.
  • Penguin Random House: – Marketing designer, publicity assistant, senior manager of finance, production assistant
  • Costco Wholesale: – Cashier, Stocker, pharmacy sales assistant, bakery wrapper
  • Whole foods: – Grocery team member, cashier, bakery team member, whole body team member
  • Hilton: – Event manager, front office manager, housekeeper, hotel manager
  • Publix: – Pharmacist, retail set-up coordinator, maintenance technician, job fair
  • Starbucks: – Barista, shift supervisor, store manager
  • Nordstrom: – Retail sales, cleaning, stock and fulfillment, bartender
  • Home Depot: –  Department supervisor, customer service sales, store support
  • IBM: –  Financial blockchain engineer, lead recruiter, contract and negotiations professional
  • Bank of America: – Client service representative, client associate, analyst, executive assistant
  • Chipotle: – District manager, kitchen manager, service manager
  • Lowe’s: – Plumbing associate, commercial sales loader, lumber associate

IMHO Universities could see a large amount of drop-out’s soon, they should prepare them for the circumstances and have a plan.

It’s all about time and in future, we don’t know what may happen.

Share your views on this topic in the comments section.

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