Fitness: My Journey of Passion, Blood, Sweat & Tears

“Let us work so hard that we be the reason for the lights and happiness to our family and lives around us.”

A quote that I deeply imbedded in me when I started my fitness journey back then in 2016.

My journey started with the fire burning inside me while I was in school. In school since class 4th, I was a fat and overweight kid who was bullied a lot due to a broken mindset and some other issues with the state of affairs with my friends and of course my appearance, here are some picture how I looked when I was in class 7.

So, when I was in class 12 I got fed up with my condition, I was 92 kgs got bullied often in school and all I wanted at that time was that my school gets over and I go to college in a hope that things will change. I was very lazy in all aspects that a normal kid in school is very active. I was only active in technology, computers, and innovation other aspects of life mean less or nothing to me back then.

As a teenager, it probably hit harder, but yet, I didn’t do anything to change it because I didn’t know-how.

Those bullies made me go insane their words were so painful to me, every time I went past them I heard those comments from them it demotivated me and made me sad and this also had a huge impact directly on my academics my grades were going down day by day.

These types of instances were situations I dealt with for years daily from class 4th to class 12th.

But!!! things were about to change soon.

An event happened and it was fuel to the fire burning inside me and I decided to change, a change that will make all those bullies shut up and everyone around me who doubted my capabilities that I could ever lose weight and do something in life.

And since that moment everything has changed.

I started my journey by training at home with my dad. In his young years, he was a man with an amazing physique with 6 packs and perfectly defined core with a V-shaped back, I have so much respect and love for him that one day I aspire to be like him. He was a fitness freak and he inspired me to initiate my fitness journey. I started with doing cross fit for like 2-3 months, initially, it was very difficult for me but I didn’t give up. Then we bought weights at home and make a little home gym my mom helped me lot in the decision of home gym. He trained me for another 4-5 months then he allowed me to go to the gym.

First day at the gym πŸ’ͺ – A moment I waited for so long and finally it came. It was Autumn start and I went on it I didn’t know what to do as in the gym there are tons of machines for next 2-3 months I wasted my time in the gym but I stayed motivated and I am a firm believer that the best motivation is you, no one can understand better than you.

Then one day I found myself a coach and he’s one of the best athletes in India. Have a look : πŸ‘‡

When I met Tamu Rawat for the first time I was surprised he was huge and his body, He was the first bodybuilder that I saw in front of my eyes. I went to him straight away and told him my issues and within minutes he was my friend he is very kind and he even offered me a personal diet plan and I was blown away by that.

You can follow him on Instagram: @tamu_rawat

And within 2 months of consistent efforts and following his advice my weight fell from 87 to 80 kgs and I tell you it was the best thing that happened to me at that time. I was more muscular, confident and I shut those bullies up but the story doesn’t stop here some become my fans but I also gained a lot of haters too, who for the rest of school life tried to destroy me but failed. Here’s how I looked like & also a video of my first heavy weight leg press.

Then after this, my farewell happened, the school was over went to college worked out at different gyms but wasn’t getting enough results as now my coach was working out somewhere else.

Until one-day things changed and were very very different, my coach started his gym with another amazing guy Ashish Rawat. These 2 are the best guys that anyone can get as their coach. My journey at Iron Paradise has been amazing filled with passion, pain, blood, sweat, tears, and daily consistent hard work with my coach. Here are some of the posts from my Instagram feed that shows my journey at Iron Paradise.

You can follow Ashish Rawat & Iron paradise gym on Instagram at: @ashish_rawat_55, @ironparadise_2

So, what’s the message that I wanted to give you from my journey?

I got out of bed each and every day with the mindset that today would be a good day regardless of the pain, bodybuilding isn’t just a sport it’s more than that it’s a way of life, it taught me how to go through the tough times with a smiling face, it helped me in fixing my mindset, it helped in building up my personality, it helped me to inspire those around me and the best thing that I am most proud is that I lead people around me with an example and all those things made stronger and a finer human being.

And when you go the gym everyday make sure you have a training partner for me it was @amitrawat000, @himanshu19994

Some of the posts that I was featured in The Iron paradise page: πŸ‘‡

Fitness is now my way of living even in lock-down I am always trying to be in the best shape possible.

I hope you enjoyed the summary of my fitness journey so far by giving you an idea of how I did it what I am today. At the end I hope that my journey has inspired you in some way and helped you to start your own fitness journey as well.

Lastly, I will keep on adding more content on the topic; so to stay updated with my latest posts, sign up for the newsletter below:

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  1. Great work brother πŸ’ͺ You have achieved what you used to tell me 3 years ago .. But remember this is just the beginning their is more to comeπŸ‘πŸ‘

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