5 Ways to be better on social media

You know when you meet somebody new and you think man this person is going to be really cool. I’m excited to get to know them and sort of bringing them into my life.

That’s the way that your brand needs to be when it’s being introduced to a new customer or person on social media.

So, in this post, I am going to tell you 5 ways that can make you better on social media

Ways to be better on Social Media
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Whenever you try to do something new the first thing that comes is the right mindset and it has to be patient in this case. It takes time to Develop a vibrant online social community. That’s why it’s important that you invest in an online platform that’s right for your brand because it’s going to take time.

The second thing that comes into play is Investing in quality and here are three ways you can invest in quality on social media by

  1. Avoid bringing crappy people to go into your community because you will be punished by the platforms usually if you have a large followership that doesn’t engage in honestly, it’s going to be a turnoff to the good people in your community. (DON’T BUY FOLLOWERS ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM).
  2. Populate your community with good content It’s a turn off if you have bad content on there and good people won’t hang around.
  3. Add real value to the community by doing a thing like helping out your users volunteering your time to help them out with what they need.

Now the third thing is target influencers on the platform. These people have a lot of reaches. If you somehow you connect with them and they give you shootouts or promotions this can help you immensely in achieving your social media goals. So, make sure you’re reaching out to some of the more powerful nodes in the social network.

The fourth thing that comes is always acknowledged the success of other’s, you can do things like be a good listener on social media and when somebody reaches out on social media Respond very fast and often. And, showcase your user’s success by doing things like sharing their needs sharing their successes to make them feel like you value them in your network.

And Finally, the fifth way to be better on social media is to tag everything these platforms are optimized for connecting people. So, using the right tagging mechanisms within the platform is worth it. INVEST IN LEARNING ABOUT TAGGING


So, these social media communities take time to build, so invest wisely and be patient.

Add real value to your community and to the broader community. Bad content and too much hard selling will suck the social capital out of your communities.

Build towards your target personas and invest in relationships with influencers.

Take advantage of tagging and other platform mechanisms.

The secret to social media reach is the same as the secret to ranking well on search engines. It’s all about optimization, user experience, and high-quality content. If you start thinking about your social media efforts in the same way you think about your SEO work, you’ll see the pieces fall into place.

These were some of the Best Practices for Developing Online Communities on social media platforms! Let us know in the comments below what practices you use





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