Fundamentals of Segmentation for Growth hackers

Fundamentals of Segmentation for Growth hackers

The trends in marketing are changing and segmenting is becoming important. People tend to confuse the concept of segmenting with other things.

Segmenting is Customers who are likely to respond similarly to your marketing strategies and who share similar interests, needs, locations etc.

Segmenting will help you tailor your communications product and service packages, Automation and a lot more.

Fundamentals of Segmentation for Growth hackers

To understand the concept of segmenting better you can think of markets as entire forests.

Now every forest is different from one another like one forest might be of mobile games and another forest or market might be of books.

Now inside each of these forests, you might segment customers on something like their demands.

You could see each of those demands segments within the market as an individual plant or tree.

So in the market of mobile games, you could find demand segment for users who want find racing games, another on for users are customers who want arcade games, another one for users who want strategic games and another one for puzzles.

Let’s go even deeper into the concept of segmenting skills within each of these demand segments you might segment further based on users playing preferences. For example, in the demand segment for strategic games, you might further segment this group of demand into users who play for some fun, and users who play for professional work and other could be users who play for competitions.

Now, here’s were something like growth hacking comes in within that final segment the users who play a game to compete with other might buy some of the paid features of the games and there might be some way for you to segment those users into customers who convert best via email marketing


  • Segmenting helps growth hackers tailor their communications, packages, and automation to specific groups of people.
  • Within each market, you can segment users based on what they demand, how they behave, where they are, and more.
  • One of the most effective practices in growth hacking is to identify a strategically valuable segment and focus attention on them.
  • By using a combination of tools, you can often automate activities to encourage users to move down your funnel.

If you have any doubts or would like to add your own views to this post you can it through the comments section. Share your views with me.

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