The Five Skills Needed to Hack Growth

As day by day, I am practicing growth hacks, Every time I implement a strategy I become better in Growth Hacking.

From all the experience that I have gained by performing experiments and try to be better, I have learned certain skills that I think are essential for Growth Hackers to excel in their work.

Growth Hacking skills
Image Source: Mashable India

These are the 5 Skills or hats are required to be learned or developed by one person or by different individuals even if they’re only part-time members of the team or your mission is to grow the sales of an entire business or just one part of a much larger machine no matter what you need these 5 skills: –

Growth Management: -The first skill is Managing the ideation and experimentation process of growth. The Growth Management person has to choose the right areas to focus on for growth experiments.

The person needs to focus on this because they cannot perform experiments in any area, they need to find the proper place and time focus on growth in certain circumstances and develop the results.

Also, Running the Growth team meetings and managing, reporting on what’s happening with the growth programs are activities performed by them.

Product Management: – The second hat or skill is Managing product and service. Overseeing how it’s delivered and how it’s connecting users and managing product features.

Things like working with people who deliver the product or service interviewing users and running surveys, suggesting new features or tweaks in the way that product or service is delivered.

Marketing: – The third skill is Managing the Brand, writing copy and doing research to find New Markets or opportunities.

Data Analysis: – The fourth skill is Aggregating data from different sources standardizing it and analyzing it to deliver insights.

This is one of the most important step for growth hackers to focus on because the results of the experiments are based on data analysis.

Design or engineering: – Finally the last step is to develop a prototype of new features and tweak websites as a part of growth experiments that you’re performing.

Now, these 5 skills may be performed by one person all in different moments or in a team by different members.

IMHO Growth hacking must be as essential to the product as oxygen is for survival; without it, the product isn’t optimized for consumption.

Ultimately you have two options when it comes to the acquirements of new users: pay for them or you can hack your way to growth and if you go for the second option then it’s all about mindset.

Ready to embrace the growth hacking mindset? It would be helpful for you if you explore the following hacks and record the results:

– Increase site speed
– Use a minimalist home page
– Form strategic partnerships with the right platforms
– Increase your viral coefficient

If you have any queries you can ask them through the comments section or you can contact me.

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"Write when drunk. Edit when sober. Marketing is the hangover." -Ashwin Sanghi The perfect quote for a Digital Marketer and a Growth hacker. I am a highly motivated student with a goal driven work ethic. I have a strong curiosity for Growth Hacking and Entrepreneurship. I have some amount of experience in business world working with real world Data and producing results, having interned this summer since this was my first year in college, this was my first Internship experience. I am a Google certified digital marketer and Eazl certified Growth Hacker also knowledge about blockchain, data analysis and automated analytics results. I hope to become a valued Growth Hacker in this field and Someday have my own successful running company. I have interest outside of work I love to read books and being healthy and fit is my way of living. At the end I aspire to be the happiest, the most successful and the best version of myself.

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