How to Launch and Run Your Growth Hacking Team

To build an amazing growth hacking team and reach the goals you need to follow some steps that will help you to make a growth hacking team.

How to Launch and Run Your Growth Hacking Team

So, the basic framework for starting a growth team is that you start by doing rapid experimentation and try to identify the parts that make up the ecosystem that you’re trying to build. The after some small wins you will start identifying patterns and expand on what’s working based on the data that you’re getting.

The first step and the basic step to build a growth hacking team is to set-up data tracking systems. You have to install website or app analytics packages and other things that you can use to track what you’re working on.

For every business it is different but there are some common tools like CRM system, social management package, an automated email marketing software should probably be in place for almost every business.

The second step is to find out what your product or services Magic moments are. Magic moments are those moments when users get to experience what they love. For this, you might have to interview some of your customers or talk to people on your team who talk to your customers on regular basis to find out what these magic moments are.

The third step is that you use what you know to estimate your fundamental growth equation and what would it look like. A fundamental growth equation is the number of actions that are involved in getting people to experience “magic moments” and thus, drive growth.

This growth equation is made up of 3 things: –

  • A way to bring in new people this is called the top of funnel marketing
  • How to get those people to those magic moments
  • And at last how to get them to keep experiencing value from your product and service

Now, you start to run experiments that you think will drive growth and as soon as you can drive growth you go the next step

The fourth step is North Star Metric. It’s a single metric that’s closely associated with customers finding experiencing, and realizing that they’ve experienced “magic moments”.

From this, you try to find one thing that seems to correlate most closely with growing whatever it is you’re trying to grow.

After this step, it’s all about improving and scaling your operation (Fundamental growth equation)

Finding your magic moments and experiencing value continuously over time. More users experiencing more values.


So, in the end, it all comes down to your objectives and which metric you find most valuable for your company. It could become your secret weapon. Do not jump on every growth hacking strategy instead identify the metric that matters to your company the most and invest in building a powerful growth hacking team and entrust them in driving your business to heights you’ve never seen before.

I hope my post helps you if you can any query you can contact me or you can post it in the comments section.

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